What You Should Know About the Widi Wireless Dongle

What You Should Know About the Widi Wireless Dongle

The Widi is one of the most advanced Wi-Fi Dongles available in the market today. It comes with a great looking design and advanced features. It is compatible with most laptops and other wireless devices that use the Wireless Network Connection technology.

The WIDI Full form is Wi-Fi DirectWireless Display.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it can be used not only on PCs or laptops but also on most other wireless devices like cell phones, notebooks, tablets and many more.

Why WIDI is popular?

This portable Wi-Fi Dongle comes with an effective software program which can allow you to access Internet at high-speed without facing any kind of problem. The program allows the access of Internet through your laptop or notebook.

The software makes your Internet browsing simple and easy so that you can spend more time enjoying the site rather than worrying about the speed. You can browse and search for your favorite web pages using this Wi-Fi Dongle.

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Features of WIDI

The Widi has various other advanced features which make it a top choice among various consumers. One of the main features is that it provides a very secure and reliable connection. It offers a maximum of 56 k modem speed. Another remarkable feature of this Wi-Fi dongle is that it works perfectly well in both cold and hot weather conditions. It can even work well when the AC is turned off and on.

Upgraded Software

The advanced version of this portable Wi-Fi Dongle also comes with a software program which can make your PC or notebook compatible with Windows Vista as well as Linux operating systems. In addition to this, it can also run multiple programs at the same time. You can also use the Wi-Fi dongle with the help of a USB cable. Thus, you get all the benefits of a conventional USB Wi-Fi Dongle along with the security and compatibility features. Moreover, you also get an inbuilt camera for surveillance purposes as well as microphone for monitoring your voice conversations.

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Perfect for Travelers

These compact and lightweight Wi-Fi dongles are perfect for travelers as they can be carried anywhere and used without any problems. Moreover, you can also use these Wi-Fi dongles with any kind of broadband Internet services like ADSL, cable or even Wi-Fi hot spots. However, you need to ensure that your computer or laptop is always powered on in order to use the Portable Wi-Fi Dongle effectively. Some other advantages of this wireless portable broadband dongle include:

Supported by Advance Technologies

Most of the advanced mobile devices support the latest technology of wireless broadband and mifi. However, it is quite difficult to choose the right device for your device due to various options available in the market. In fact, these wireless devices offer various options in terms of speed and connectivity. Therefore, it is important that you should purchase the best and the most reliable device for your device that includes the high quality mifi radios and wireless Wi-Fi dongles in it.

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