English Your Weapon For World Domination

english weapon

With the world quickly becoming a global village, a lot of emphasis is put on learning English. Almost all international communication happens via English; it has truly become the language of the world.

But the reasons to learn English don’t just stop there. There are many reasons why learning English can become a potent arrow in your quiver.

10 reasons why you should learn English:

1. English is equivalent to confidence

Learning English can give you a lot of confidence. The ability to express yourself in a language considered elite is a powerful strength to have. There’s always a difference in confidence between people who can and cannot speak English. This may be attributed to the societal favoritism English speakers experience. Other than that, knowing another language is always a good thing.

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2. English is easy to learn

As compared to languages like French, Russian, Mandarin, English is easier to learn. Scientists say it takes barely 10 minutes a day every day to learn English. Just 10 minutes a day, and you can be Bilingual! English speaking classes in Pune will make the entire process seem effortless.

3. English gives self-esteem

 The ability to express yourself provides confidence. With confidence comes self-esteem. You’ll have a better image of yourself in your head. Once you’re more self-assured, more opportunities open up for you.

4. English is a job requirement

 Most jobs require English speaking employees. Even if you have the technical abilities, you’ll still need to know how to speak English. Most jobs think of this as a make-or-break factor, so it’s always better to know how to speak English.

5. Institutions teach in English

If you want to have a long-lasting career, filled with incentives and growth, you need to have a good education. Almost all the best Institutes teach in English. This knowledge transfer will be meaningless to you if you don’t speak English well. To go abroad and study, you’ll have to pass tests in English. There’ll also be a test to check your fluency and understanding of English specifically. It’s vital to know how to speak and write English if you wish to study abroad.

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6. English is the Internet language

Web surfing has become too common activity nowadays. It is essential to know English to understand the language of the internet. The internet is a fun tool that has insurmountable knowledge. It can be best accessed when and if you know English. English speaking classes in Pune are the perfect fit for you.

7. English keeps your memory engaged

Learning any new language can keep your mind engaged and your brain active. We know learning English is much easier as compared to other languages. English grammar is also easy to understand. This is why English is your best bet when trying to learn a new language.

8. Some of the best literature is in English

Reading books and literature is a wonderful habit to cultivate. Reading can take you to new places. It opens up your mind to new realms of possibilities. Reading the abridged or translated versions will take away the essence of the literature. Learn English from English speaking classes in Pune to get the best experience.

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9. English is spoken all around the world

No matter where you go, even if it’s within your own country, if you know how to speak English, you’ll survive. Almost all countries in the world have people who speak English. If all else fails, you can always count on English to have your back. You can ask basic queries, ask for help or directions, say please and thank you. It’s essential to know English if you’re planning to visit the other side of the world.

10. It’s a fun language

English is a fun language to learn. This language has a deep-seated impact and importance in pop culture. Movies and art pieces that shall leave you in awe- they convey their message through English. English is the gateway to other languages as well. English speaking classes in Pune make learning the language a fun task.

Knowing how to speak English has become a necessity today. It’s better to learn it than be left behind in the race. Whether you’re a millennial, a young child, or an older person, English is for everybody. Anybody can learn English. All you have to do is join the Cedarwood English speaking classes in Pune, and go regularly. Perfection can be achieved via constant practice.

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